Stewie and Brian Ride a Scooter (on a White Castle cup)


It’s not often I get to have three things I love all collide in a mash-up. The last time I was this excited I was listening to William Shatner’s cover of Pulp’s “Common People” and for like a split second I remembered thinking – MY GOD! Bill sounds just like Joe Jackson! Oh shit!! That IS Joe Jackson!! Then I proceeded to wet myself. (Obviously it doesn’t take much to get me excited.)

So here I present my latest three-way mash-up of love: White Castle + Family Guy + Scooters. I live in Portland, Oregon so naturally I don’t get to eat very many Sliders so when I visit my hometown of Indianapolis I go a little nuts. I actually start to smell like them after a couple of days. (Ewww! Gross!) So I reached a near orgasmic state when I saw this cup.

Here’s my question – has a scooter ever been featured in Family Guy? Or is this just a cute one-off for a cup? Cause Brian would totally have a scooter. Let me know. There’s TV spots in the works too apparently. Don’t know if it will feature a scooter or not.

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  1. I just saw this image of Brian and Stewie on a scooter on Family Guy, it’s in the opening of “Road to Europe” 2002 where they show them at Stonehenge, Eiffel tower, and various other European landmarks. They are riding around the Arc de Triumph? (sp)