An Invitation From "Lord Dunsby"

“Lord Dunsby” is a UK based illustrator who has definitely nailed the retro lifestyle aesthetic. His prints are £25 and are in A2 Size or for us Yanks approximately 16.54 x 23.39 inches.

0 thoughts on “An Invitation From "Lord Dunsby"

  1. Check out Ed Fotheringham’s website for a fun Italia poster that shows a scooter. He’s drawn cartoons for the New Yorker, amongst others.

  2. Hey Jules, Can you post a link to that? Can’t find anything but bikes on his site. Thanks!

  3. By what right do you use the distingusihed title of “Lord Dunsby”. I was not aware that we had any peers of the realm in our family. If you are not a heridtary or elected Peer then you are guilty of passing off using a false name.

  4. How about it I put it in quotes? We colonists are always making mistakes like this.