News Alert on that Famous Vespa Chair

We posted about these chairs late last week:

(Earlier Scooter Swag Post)

And I wanted to share the e-mail I received from the Bel y Bel studios in Barcelona in response to some of my questions:

“The Vespa chair is a really exclusive product, a limited series made from old Vespa scooters from the scrap yard.

All our products are handcrafted, 100% bel&bel. Their unique and uncommon character makes them suitable for window dressing and atrezzo in advertising campaigns and TV shows. Although, as a general rule, the majority of our products have a functional use, we like to consider them as being halfway between design and art.

The Vespa chair can be purchased by ordering directly from bel&bel (with the possibility of choosing the colour and finish). All the chairs are made from old Vespa scooters: the parts are salvaged and restored to become authentic handcrafts. The chairs are numbered to preserve their exclusivity: the customer receives the documentation that guarantees the chair’s authenticity and the owner’s name (just like any motorcycle owner receives its authentic documentation).

The starting price of the chairs is 1,800€. The final price will depend on the finish and the added extras. These are the prices for some finished models:

– Pearl white with white upholstery: 2,000€.
– Silver gray with black upholstery: 1,800€.
– Silver grey with black upholstery and flash lights: 1,900€.

All the models include a piston with height-adjustment.

All the chairs are produced in our Studio-Workshop, located in Barcelona. Regarding the shipment of our products, we have no agreements with international shipping companies: we can use the most convenient method for you (the shipment costs are to be paid by the customer).”

And here’s a link to the construction details of the chair including some interesting prototype photos:

(PDF of Construction Details)

Spanish Design Firm Bel Y Bel

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2 thoughts on “News Alert on that Famous Vespa Chair

  1. Re-read these two statements: “suitable for window dressing and atrezzo in advertising campaigns and TV shows” and “we like to consider them as being halfway between design and art.”

    I’ll interpret that for you: “These things might look cool but they’re really uncomfortable and could never imagine actually sitting on them”

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