Quickutz Scooter for Crafting, Scrapbooking

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I almost hesitate to put this one up because I’m assuming you have to buy some outrageously expensive tool in order to use the dies. (Which I couldn’t seem to find.) But these dies are all over eBay for fairly cheap if you look and since ScooterSwagers are so clever I’ll trust you to figure it out. Here’s a store that carries the Scooter Die for order even though it’s been officially retired:


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  1. I saw an ebay seller from the UK who was selling die-cut scooter embellishments for scrapbooking. I assume she was using this system to make her embellishments so you could maybe have her make some custom colored ones for your scooter scrapbook!

    (I’m working on a scooter scrapbook which is why I was searching for scooter scrapbook stuff on ebay.)

    there is some scooter scrapbook paper out there (from cid pear, it was pink!) but it was wholesale only and the webpage appears dead now. (someone of Cid Pear’s stuff is sold elsewhere: http://www.rsvpstationers.com/CidPear/vespa.jpg

  2. Thanks Vespa Belle! I think there’s a hand tool (non-electric) that isn’t tooo expensive but I will let everyone know as I figure it out myself. I got four scooter dies on eBay for like $3 so I can give you one.

  3. These can supposedly be used in a Sizzix Sidekick which is what I have. I haven’t tried QuickCutz dies in the Sidekick but it should work. I’ll have to try to get one of these scooter dies to try it out.