"Moving to Majorca" by Robert Burgess


“MOVING TO MAJORCA is about the author and his wife who motor scooter 700 miles across Europe one winter in search of the sun. They end up on the island of Majorca, halfway to Africa. Rollercoaster roads, high winds, and higher mountains are part of this adventure that lands them in a coastal villa with no running water but loads of helpful friends including those who have to be tricked to leave. Laurel and Hardy plumbers, a primitive artist, homebrew experts, island smugglers, the perfect mortician hotel manager, and “Pap” with his faithful dog “Fugly” who almost lose their lives trying to catch the island’s largest uncatchable fish. This book is pure fun! “Provence on Wheels. A total delight!”

0 thoughts on “"Moving to Majorca" by Robert Burgess

  1. For anyone wondering if this is a good book, why yes it is. The scooter only makes rare appearances after the first chapters but it’s a great travel book, very well written.

    — Tracy