SSOSS! (Strawberry Shortcake Scooter Sightings)




Thanks to Jamie R. for this one. I just knew there had to be more Strawberry Shortcake scooter out there. Last year I’m not ashamed to admit that I spent several dollars at a grocery store bubble gum machine trying to get her scooter sticker. Argh! I was a frustrated 8-year-old all over again. Anyhoo, this is a scratch-n-sniff (Eeeeee!) postcard from a book called “Strawberry Shortcake’s World of Friends” which also includes a scooter sticker. Not sure if the sticker is also scratch-n-sniff? Available at Amazon and probably your local drugstore:

Strawberry Shortcake’s World of Friends at

2 thoughts on “SSOSS! (Strawberry Shortcake Scooter Sightings)

  1. Sadly, no, the sticker is not scratch n’ sniff but it’s still cute and going in a future scooter scrapbook 😀


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