The Book of Love


Food and scooters together on one cover! This one is available on sale -$3.98! – at Daedalus Books, one of my favorite online booksellers. They send some really interesting catalogs in the mail and they’re great for finding gorgeous coffee table books for a fraction of their cost. I can’t really say enough about them. Okay, here’s more about the book itself:

“Laura, a twenty-something American, is visiting Italy for the first time. Completely enamored with the art, the beauty, and—of course—the food that Rome has to offer, she soon becomes equally entranced by the handsome and charming Tommaso, who tells her he’s a chef at the famed Templi restaurant and proceeds to woo her with his gastronomic creations and aphrodisiac feasts. But Tommaso hasn’t been entirely truthful—he’s really just a waiter. The master chef behind the tantalizing meals is his talented but shy friend Bruno. And Bruno has a secret of his own: he has fallen in love with Laura from afar. Everything he cooks—and Tommaso serves—is flavored with Bruno’s passion for the young American, in this modern Cyrano de Bergerac tale, a comedy of errors full of romance, culinary magic, and the sensuality of Italy.”

“The Food of Love is a splendid linen suit, Panama hat, distant lawnmower kind of a book—guaranteed to whisk you far away, soothe you, warm you, and return you home again without losing any of your luggage.”—Hugh Laurie