Your (Not) Riding Gear.

Scooter Vespa PJs Footed Pajamas

I’ll be honest. I’m afraid of these footed pajamas. I’m afraid that my friends will stop going out. That they will stay home in their completely cuddly scooter pjs and they will think “Screw it. I’ll ride when it’s warmer. I’m comfy.” I’m also afraid that I will be start seeing people wear these during scooter rallies. For all three days of a scooter rally. ((Shudder.)) Oh Gawd. I just gave you all the idea, didn’t I?

Well, if you positively must have them, then here’s ya go. They’re available online for $39.95. They’re polar fleece and they come in a variety of unisex sizes. And yes they come with the drop seat butt-flap ((cringing)) and the grippy foot bottoms. You also get a full body zipper ((writhing in fetal position now)) and two “kangaroo” pockets. Hurry. Rally season is just around the corner. And winter isn’t done with us yet no matter what that groundhog said.

Thanks to Polianarchy for this great find? ; )

3 thoughts on “Your (Not) Riding Gear.

  1. I ordered a pair of these last week and they arrived on Saturday 🙂 They are super comfortable and great quality, but the sizing is a little small; I ordered size 3, which was marked as up to 5’3″ (I’m 5’2″), and I could do with a little more room vertically. (TMI: the back flap keeps coming un-Velcroed!)

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  3. Hey Alice you cheeky lady you,

    So what you’re saying that these are actually meant to be worn as sexy lingerie!? Good to know! ; )


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