Special for Swaggers!
Little Red Riding Mod on sale

Blue Platypus Little Red Riding Mod Scooter Christmas T-Shirt

The kind folks at Blue Platypus have given us a sale all our own. After admiring this shirt on a friend I asked if they would give us sale. So from now until Friday, January 24 you can get 30% off the Little Red Riding Mod long sleeve shirts in blue, brown and black. They normally retail for $40 USD but will be just $28 each with the promo. Just use the coupon code SCOOTERSWAG at checkout. The red shirt is short sleeve and may or may not be on sale but try the code and see!

Thanks both to Lisa S. for the find and Blue Platypus for the sale.

Little Red Riding Mod Shirts

2 thoughts on “Special for Swaggers!
Little Red Riding Mod on sale

  1. As of 3/4/14, it looks like they’ve sold out of the tshirts, as they are no longer listed on their site. boo.

  2. Hey Julie – I would contact them directly. They may have a couple left. Not sure if the discount would still be in effect though. It was a “while they last” deal.

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