Scooterist Down


As many Portland (OR) scooterists know, a fellow scooterist, clubmember and friend was in a very serious accident on her Vespa Wednesday afternoon. She is currently in Intensive Care. She has multiple injuries, including a broken left leg, shattered right knee cap, broken left arm, dislocated right elbow and several facial fractures. She had undergone a 7 hour surgery on one leg and will have another surgery on her leg tommorrow. The facial reconstructive surguries can not begin until swelling has subsided. Details of the injury can be viewed from this link:

Recovery from an accident of this severity will be long, painful, and expensive.We have set up a donation fund through US Bank. Donations can be made at any branch, anywhere in the country in any amount. Just go to a US Bank branch starting *Friday, March 24th* and say you would like to make a donation to the:

*Kalaisha Watrous Donation Fund*

It is important you can spell her name so they will get the right account.
Donations can also be made via Paypal by clicking this button:

Thank you all in advance for your supportive words, thoughts and contributions; I know she will appreciate it.
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