Mod Hello Kitty & Scooter Lighter

Hello Kitty Lighter

I loathe smoking. Smoking kills. But maybe this lighter can be used for lighting dinner candles or fireworks. Here’s the description from Wacky Willy’s:

Uber Rare: Mod Scooter Hello Kitty Lighter!

The image is ´holo-imprinted´ which makes it look like it´s in the lighter.
Tilt the lighter to see different depths of the image.
Lighter comes in 2 editions:
Collectors edition with Superb Engraving, lifetime warranty, and display case.
Premium edition with 1 year warranty.

The Engraving on the collectors edition is significantly better, because the finish on the collectors edition is more smooth and higher quality.

Collector’s Edition = $29.99
Premium Edition = $14.95

Thanks for the tip Ha!