Target loves Scooters! (And I love Target!)

Girl Card.jpg
Vroom Card.jpg
Green Card.jpg
Orange Card.jpg

It’s not everyday one can take a leisurely stroll through Target and find not one, not two but FOUR different scooter greeting cards. The orange scooter has a neat clear plastic overlay. Anyhoo, these don’t seem to be available online so go to your local store and stock up!.

Shag does Pink Panther

Pink Panther Patch.jpg


Pink Panther Neon Clock.jpg

Pink Panther Keychain.jpg

Shag Sticker One.gif

Shag Sticker Two.gif

Shag Sticker Three.gif

Shag Sticker Four.gif

How, oh how, did I forget to post Shag doing Pink Panther on a scooter? He’s a kitty for pete’s sake! A PINK Kitty! But I did. Please forgive me. And please ignore the fact that Steve Martin felt it was his responsibility to make a mockery of Peter Sellers’ legacy. (Why Steve, why? And why aren’t you more like Bill Murray?) On you can find four different bits of Pink Panther on two wheels including two different clocks – one neon! And even though they’ve been around awhile, I’m including Shag’s other scooter loving folk decals which are also available on the same site. Thanks to Aya for this heads-up.

deviantART features limited edition scooter art

Pulled Over

Lambretta Print

Road Rage

From the desk of Becky McCabe (thanks Becky!):

Hey Tracy, something else for Scooter Swag!

You can get prints from – it’s like Flickr crossed with Cafepress for art.

Most of it is bad (put “unicorn” in the search box!) but I found Lee Daniels as well. He does the cartoon for the back page of Scootering magazine. I really dig his Lambretta print.

there are other people with scooter art (none as bad as what you find searching for unicorns of course) on the site that might be worthwhile to have as prints.

I was thinking the small prints in a cheapo frame with a precut mat would make nice hostess gifts or good for gift exchanges at work.

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Even More Miso Pretty

Miso Pretty Tatooing

Miso Pretty Shirt

Miso Pretty Sushi Tray

Miso Pretty Shopping Bag

Miso Pretty Lunch Box

Miso Pretty keeps coming out with more items of its very cute scooter riding heroine. Hopefully this will continue indefinitely. Even temp tattoos and a sushi/coin tray. The big shopping bag is particularly cute with several scooter pictures – made out of a Tyvek-type material, it’s survived several trips with me and my 2 tons of magazines. It would also be perfect for the beach/pool. All of these items can be found with a quick web search in Froogle.

Kitty'tude Scooter!


Okay, so it’s obvious by now I love cats on scooters. Who knows why? But toy makers seem to agree with me. This toy obviously features a dog carrying a smaller dog on a scooter, but you can buy the cat instead. And you better. Because a cat carrying a small dog on a scooter is just cuter.

Wall Concepts from Sweden

Wall Concepts

Wall Concepts 2

Those deliciously clever Swedes. I do so like their designs. Wonder if there ever was a Swedish scooter? Now if you want this wall design – actually a big laser cut wall sticker – you’ll have to order it in Kronon. 1.200 SEK = $163.59 US. Not sure why it’s not in Euro. Thought the Brits were the only ones holding out? Thanks to Becky McCabe for this one!

Strawberry Shortcake Wrapping Paper

Strawberry Shortcake Wrapping Paper

Strawberry Shortcake Wrapping Paper 2

American Greetings has reintroduced Strawberry Shortcake and now she has a scooter. (See scooter toy in previous entry.) Did she have a scooter back in the late 70s? I think I would remember that. Anyhoo, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for more Scooter Shortcake. (Eeeeeee!).