It’s worth having a Tzimmes over!

It\'s Not Worth Making a Tzimmes Over!

This is a really cute little book found by Becky McCabe (Thanks Becky!) Available from Amazon. (Just click on the cover.)
Here’s a book description:
Both a kitchen farce and a warm celebration of Yiddish, this uproarious picture book reverses the usual sweet grandma stereotype. Sara and Grandma make challah, and while they wait for the dough to rise, they watch a horror movie. But because Sara misunderstood Grandma’s directions, adding a whole box of yeast instead of two packets, the rising dough seeps out the kitchen door and down the street. Grandma is totally unperturbed by any problems large or small, and the lively watercolor pictures show her in a hip outfit, as relaxed with the chaos at home as she is driving a motor scooter. Although the Yiddish in every sentence is easy to understand from the context, a glossary is appended. The title, a cool play on the expression for “no big deal,” suits Grandma to a T.

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