M&M A-Go-Go!

M&M Ornament.jpg

M&M Ornament 2.jpg

Here’s a saucy green girl M&M on a pink Vespa. She’s even got white go go boots on! Eeeeeeee! The male M&M was on a boring chopper. Oh well. You can’t have everything. These are at JcPenney’s stores (on sale for $4.99) and they seem to be going fast. I haven’t been able to find them elsewhere. I would hurry if I were you!.

My Little Pony's Heinkel?

My Little Pony

This from Brian Kavanagh –
I saw your post regarding scooter ephemera, and want you to know that
there’s at least one toy designer out there trying to push oddscoots….if
you can find the My Little Pony scooter that’s been out for the last couple
of years, you’ll see a few Heinkel cues worked into it. Well, it’s really
more of a VBB meets ET4 with a Heinkel front end…..squished around a pony.

Thanks Brian! Everybody likes toys that are squished around a pony!
These are available all over the web folks..