Skipper balance scooters for kids


“Skipper’s new Balance Scooter based on the iconic Vespa design is the ideal bike for children from 2–5 years. This is a great toy to hone balance and motor skills or just have endless fun – indoors or outdoors. Available in red, black, pink and blue.”
£99.00, seat cover optional extra £8.50
Or £89.99 at

The Book of Love


Food and scooters together on one cover! This one is available on sale -$3.98! – at Daedalus Books, one of my favorite online booksellers. They send some really interesting catalogs in the mail and they’re great for finding gorgeous coffee table books for a fraction of their cost. I can’t really say enough about them. Okay, here’s more about the book itself:

“Laura, a twenty-something American, is visiting Italy for the first time. Completely enamored with the art, the beauty, and—of course—the food that Rome has to offer, she soon becomes equally entranced by the handsome and charming Tommaso, who tells her he’s a chef at the famed Templi restaurant and proceeds to woo her with his gastronomic creations and aphrodisiac feasts. But Tommaso hasn’t been entirely truthful—he’s really just a waiter. The master chef behind the tantalizing meals is his talented but shy friend Bruno. And Bruno has a secret of his own: he has fallen in love with Laura from afar. Everything he cooks—and Tommaso serves—is flavored with Bruno’s passion for the young American, in this modern Cyrano de Bergerac tale, a comedy of errors full of romance, culinary magic, and the sensuality of Italy.”

“The Food of Love is a splendid linen suit, Panama hat, distant lawnmower kind of a book—guaranteed to whisk you far away, soothe you, warm you, and return you home again without losing any of your luggage.”—Hugh Laurie

Lulu Dark and the Summer of the Fox


This was a serendiptious find. I was searching for Lulu the 60s British Pop Star when I came across this Teen Mystery:

“Grade 8 Up–Once again Lulu Dark, reluctant girl detective, finds herself in the middle of an increasingly complicated Halo City mystery. Age discrimination is at the root of a number of kidnappings as a group of out-of-work actresses joins in a plot to get them movie roles. Lulu’s sort of boyfriend and her C-list actress mother are among those in peril due to the actions of a deranged Hollywood figure. As in the first adventure, there are many references to pop culture, such as the television shows The Apprentice and Veronica Mars as well as Jessica Simpson. The novel keeps moving, with a few red herrings thrown in for added piquancy. Today’s Hollywood starlets are mockingly portrayed as vapid, self-absorbed teens spoiled beyond belief. Lulu and her friend Daisy wisecrack their way through the book. The denouement leaves them all in danger until Daisy’s scarily controlling mom shows a new facet of her personality with a daring rescue. While many of the situations are outlandish, they are also amusing, such as when Lulu hijacks a city bus and involves the passengers in helping her get into a suspect’s building. Teens will enjoy this smart, funny chick-lit heroine who has real problems and a satirical outlook.”

Neat-o! You can find it at Amazon:

Lulu Dark and the Summer of the Fox at

PS: As embarrassed as I am to admit this, I did get this book from the library and did a cursory paw through. And it is cute. It’s definitely skewing to someone younger than 8th grade though. But, on the other hand, there’s some big words in here that I didn’t know so I think it’s pretty smart for a pre-teen chick lit book. And there is a scene with a Vespa! Even a crash. But they call it a moped! Eeeeeew. The author is gorgeous though so he is forgiven. Even if he probably is gay..