Ciao/Bonjour Cards



This find from Becky McCabe (“VespaBelle”). Thanks Becky! These pretty notes come from the uber-hip Chronicle Books. (They make Vespa books too.) Called the “Ciao and Bonjour Notes” they’re from the scooter friendly design firm “Hello Lucky!” who we’ve featured before. You get 6 of each design. Obviously only one features a scooter but oh well. (Note the cute dog pulling a “Lady & the Tramp” move with the spaghetti.) They measure 4 7/8″ x 6 1/16″ and come with envelopes. $9.95 – order direct from Chronicle Books:

Scooter Posters A Go Go!











Got a neat catalog in the mail today and checked out their site. I was thunderstruck by just how many scooter posters they have and they’re reasonably priced too. There are new scooter posters as well. Be sure to search under “vespa”, “lambretta” and of course, “scooter”. My favorite is the first one above. Note the man in the background sadly waving goodbye to the scooter girl.

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ScooterSuits for Scooter Girls




Once upon a time, there were no scooter jackets in the land. Especially no girlie scooter jackets. The best you could hope for was finding a vintage jacket. Or you’d buy a postal workers or mechanics jacket and decorate that. But now has fuschia pink scooter jackets. And a woman scooterist has started ScooterSuits. The fabric is wrinkle resistant, stretchable, 100% breathable micro fiber with a water-resistant finish. And includes French Ribbon too. Oooh la la! Visit their site for their whole line including accessories.

Ratatouille Scooter Toys – Where are you?


I haven’t seen it yet but I’ve been told by several scooterists that not only is Ratatouille great, it has a VESPA CHASE scene in it! So where are all of the Vespa Happy Meal toys? If anyone sees any, please e-mail Can’t imagine Pixar missing out on that toy opportunity! They better not, if they know what’s good for them!.

Amerivespa Swagorama!









As usual, I hemorrhaged money at Amerivespa in Seattle (July 12-15, 2007). The swag table sirens called to my credit card and laughed when I crashed into their shores. Ahh! But it was worth it. Greeting cards, jewelry, toys, keychains and skirts called to me in particular. Oh and there was riding too. Over 350 scooters on the Sunday ride. A history making moment..

Christmas in July!


Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! This is a 2007 Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive and if you pull the gift box that hangs behind the scooter you get to hear a “scooterized” version of “Here Comes Santa Claus” !! I can’t wait to hear what that sounds like. Also Santa waves and the headlight glows. It’s battery operated and measures 4 1/2″ inches wide. I haven’t seen it at a Hallmark store yet but you can find Santa’s Scooter (#QXG7569) on eBay and also at this online Hallmark ornament collectors shop:

PS: I just got this in the mail and it really is ADORABLE. It’s very animated with jiggling boxes, a softly glowing headlight (obviously Santa hasn’t upgraded to an electronic ignition yet ; ) and a truly scooterized version of the song with engine revs and and horn beeps. Eeeeeeeeeeeee!.