Lladro Scooter Figurines










Lladro is a Spanish maker of fine art figurines – think Dresden but with more modern references. These are very expensive figurines – I’ve seen the girl for upwards of $1200 while the boy figurine seems to hover around $800. Thanks to Rickie in Indy for letting me know about these. I’ve seen the boy with the dogs in her very own living room!

The numbers on these are 5794 – “Precious Cargo” (boy with dogs in sidecar) and 5143 – “Scooting” (girl with flowers):

“Precious Cargo”


Scooter Stu in the UK gave me a heads-up on yet another figurine. It’s called “Floral Getaway” which is a companion piece to “Precious Cargo” (the boy with puppies in his sidecar):


Stu also believes that there was a version of “Scooting” (older girl with flowers in a basket) made without the girl and sold at one of the early 90s Eurovespa rallies.

This page shows all of the 3 official figurines and Stu says that “Scooting” is the hardest one to get a hold of:


And a Scootery Christmas to all . . .



Saw these cute little santa-ettes on eBay but unfortunately I can’t find them on the web anywhere. If you know where these can be found, would you let us know? The girl figurine is scaled to be an ornament or a tabletop piece and the other is a stocking holder/hook. There’s probably more in this line out there. But where oh where?

Starbucks billboard


Thanks to Scooter Chronicles André for spotting this one around W Burnside & 21st in Portland. It’s one of Starbucks’ cute, winter-themed billboards. If I remember the other half correctly, the scooter guy is receiving a gift of nog from folks in a yellow minicar.
I checked the Starbucks website but didn’t find anything else with this graphic – they should do a series of postcards or something.

Don't Make Me Belt You One!


Here’s a find from the Urban Outfitters website. It’s $28 and is a nice leather belt with a scooter print all over it – trouble is, it comes in a rather limited range of sizes: 32-34-36! So if you’re a really skinny mod boy go for it. And send me a photo of you wearing it: