You need a new wallet anyway.


Thanks to Jehae for this one. It’s pretty hard to resist a scarf-riding dog . . . sitting on a scooter
. . . with mod target wheels. This is what calls a “High quality faux-leather” wallet which is good because it costs $24.99.

Scooter Wine now available in white, red, pink and . . . riesling





Thanks to Renee C. for this one! We posted back in November 2006 about Villa Bellangelo releasing their “Blue Scooter” which was a lovely (and cheap!) riesling:

Now they’ve released “White Scooter” (a sweet white wine), “Red Scooter” (a Cab Franc) and “Pink Scooter” (a sweet blush). All are $8.99 except Blue Scooter which is $13.99:

PS: All of these labels were designed by artist Glenn Reid who we’ve featured before:

Trailer Hitch Covers from



(See previous post.) On Jettin’s site I also found trailer hitch covers that are laser cut from stainless steel for long lasting good looks. Your choice of color background makes each cover unique. “Made ABS plastic where it counts, No rusting or rattle noise from these self locking hitch covers. 4″ X 6 1/2″ oval with a 2″ receiver.” $22.00 plus shipping: