Scooter Geeks Shirt from Upper Playground


Here Portland scooterist Severin V. models his Scooter Geeks shirt from Upper Playground. I’d also like to include the charming description from their site:

“If you ever make it to San Francisco on a cold Fall evening at the end of November, the Scooter Geeks come out and ride around the city. Oddly, their scarves never get caught up on the pointy, jagged edges of their left-over skulls, which allows them to ride around freely without vision problems.”

The Scooter Geek shirt is $24 and comes in men’s and women’s sizes:

Women’s “Scooter Geeks” Shirt

Men’s “Scooter Geeks” Shirt

Psychedelic Vespa Ape Shirt!


Good googly moogly! It’s turning out to be fashion week here at ScooterSwag. We really haven’t been holding out on you. There has just been a lot of scooter stuff showing up on our doorstep. Mod Cloth is a super cool store with lots of mod gear but they’ve never had anything with a scooter on it . . . until now. And it’s an Vespa Ape of all things! How rad is that? I’ve been hoping for years to see an Ape trundling down the streets of Portland but no one’s ever been able to get one going. So this will have to be the next best thing. $25.99 in Women’s sizes.



Seen on the shelf at the library… “Doppelganger” by Pete Hautman & Mary Logue. Kind of a YA mystery type novel. Haven’t read it, so no idea if scoots are involved in the plot, but it’s a nice cover, of course!

iRemba's Moddy Mod Mod Shoes


Thanks to MJ for this find. iRemba is a designer contest shoe site. Each individual style is created by designers and each winner is chosen by votes. The winning designer gets $1000 bucks and the winning designs are then handmade in small numbered runs. In Portland these shoes have been seen for $5 or less at the Red, White and Blue Thrift Store but if you don’t live in P-Town, you can still order them online at their full retail price of $40:

Ready, Steady, Harajuku?


Thanks to Becky M. for this excellent find. Apparently I’ve been entirely out of the Harajuku loop. I know it’s a fashion-obsessed subway stop in Tokyo but I still don’t get what that has to do with Gwen Stefani and her L.A.M.B. label. But oh well, it’s just further proof that teenage Japanese girls will be taking over the world very shortly. You can now get this cute mod-centric design in junior womens and children’s sizing as well as fabric! And there’s many more styles than I was able to show here:

If You Want To Survive You Must RIDE!




Back in mid-July we posted about a local Portland scooterist who has had a lot of serious bad luck with his health lately:

(ScooterSwag post about Steve)

This t-shirt is part of our fundraising efforts was created by local scooter girl Sara as a souvenir of the Poker Run we had over Labor Day weekend. Professionally screen-printed on high quality shirts on both the front and back, there is even a design on the side (see last image) that would stir the heart of any child of the 80s. They’re $15.00 with all profits going to our friend Steve to aid in his recovery.

Stroke This Ride Shirt