On November 25, the auction house of Bonhams in London auctioned of a supreme bit of scootering history – Jimmy’s Lambretta from the movie “Quadrophenia”. It sold for £36,000. That’s $53,329 to us here in Obama-land. Which is actually not so bad. I can remember when the dollar was worth slightly less than half a pound! And in case you’re wondering, I couldn’t seem to get the raccoon tail aerial in the photo without cropping out something else so if you had won the Jimmy ‘bretta you would have gotten that too.

Here are the details from Bonham’s and the fab blog “Retro To Go”:

“Lot No: 347W
Rock & Roll Memorabilia
1967 Lambretta Li150 Series 3 Scooter,
Registration no. KRU 251F, as ridden by Phil Daniels (‘Jimmy’) in the film ‘Quadrophenia’, 1979,
Manufactured by the Italian industrial giant Innocenti, the Lambretta motor scooter, together with the rival Piaggio-built Vespa, mobilised an entire generation of Italians in the immediate post-war years. The scooter gained instant acceptance everywhere, its cleanliness and convenience in particular appealing to those who regarded the true motorcycle with suspicion. Scooters would eventually surpass their strictly utilitarian origins to become an integral part of British youth culture in the 1960s as favourite transport of the fashion-conscious ‘Modernists’, or ‘Mods’. The scooter’s enclosed engine and decent weather protection meant that its rider could arrive at a club, doff his parka and look like he’d just stepped out of a taxi, which was a definite advantage within a dandified sub-culture that placed a premium on smartness of appearance.

Introduced in 1947, the Lambretta scooter went through a series of mechanical and stylistic evolutions before arriving at the ‘Li’ series in 1958. One of Lambretta’s all-time greats, the Li resulted from the relative failure of the unreliable TV 175 Series 1, which forced the company to go back to the drawing board. Built in 125cc and 150cc capacities, the classic Li used the bore/stroke dimensions of the preceding ‘D’ Series but housed its entirely new engine in modern bodywork similar to that of the TV. The Li subsequently underwent a series of styling alterations, the Series 3 being readily distinguishable by its handlebar-mounted headlight and ‘slimline’ styling, embodying what for many enthusiasts is the definitive Lambretta look.”

Chicco Scooter Club! (Not to mention the Chicco Scooter itself)




Good friend Julie G. reminded me recently of the Chicco’s existence and since we haven’t posted about it since oh, 2006, I thought maybe the ScooterSwaggers out there would appreciate a reminder around the holiday season. ($59.99 at Toys R Us.) But there is a new swag item to mention: The Chicco Scooter Club patch (!) which was recently put up on ScootMoto. And gee wouldn’t this look fab on a mini patch jacket for the youngest scooterist you know? The CSC has been around since 2005 or so and helping found it was local longtime scooter girl Becky M. Be sure to visit the club’s site as the photos are way cute, even to a non-breeder like myself.

Chicco Club Patch

Chicco Scooter Club

Safety & Sexiness in Scooter Skirtiness

Scooter Skirt 2.jpg

Scooter Skirt.jpg

My friend Sara aka “Bitter” is a crafty sort. She’s created a vintage-y pencil skirt with a silver heat-pressed scooter on it. I can imagine this reflective aspect would add to your visibility on the road. And it’s longer length will help in the winter months. Here’s a link to her Esty shop where you can contact her to get your very own:

Scooter Skirt

Puddles beware!


Boot 2.jpg

There’s a new Tokidoki boot with a scooter on it! Said scooter is ridden by what appears to be Death carrying a scythe. A bit dark, but oh well. It is winter. We had a couple of posts in the past about Tokidoki gear with scooters on it. There always seems to be a scooter that appears somewhere in the melee of their patterns:

First LeSportsac Post
Second LeSportsac Post

In any case, these “Chooka Tokidoki” rain boots were designed by Italian artist Simone Legno and are available at Nordstrom. Enjoy:

Joy Ride indeed.


Adorably detailed card from Sunrise Greetings found in a CVS Pharmacy. The hubcaps have hearts on them! The beatnik guy is a cute touch also. The same image is repeated in pink inside and says “Our love will take us wherever we want to go”

Build your very own action figure!






(Thanks to Matt R. for this find!)
It’s always interesting to learn about a whole different subculture and action figures has definitely gotten a lot more customized since I played with dolls. Naturally I ripped heads of Barbies and stuck them on different bodies but for the collector craftsperson it goes far beyond this. If you’re interested you can buy two different “Mod Girl” outfits that include a head (!) and accessories and will fit the bodies of several other figures that exist out there in Cyber Land. The mod gear is made by the high-end boutique company “Toy Soldier” in Hong Kong. I wish I knew more about the set but it hasn’t been easy to come across information. You can get these sets on eBay as well as the site I’ve linked below – just remember you’re only getting a head and some clothes! The dolls that these will work with are called “CY Girl” and “BBi Perfect”. I have no idea if you could dress a standard Barbie in these clothes but if anyone pulls this off, please send us photos! One outfit and head costs around $50 and the scooter is $39. BTW, the scooter is NOT included (of course) but I found it as well if you want to recreate exactly what is shown in the photos here:

Mod Girl Outfits

Vespa w/Side Car Model

Glam on the Go!


Thanks to Pam M. for this find. It’s part of my birthday booty and is a very cute set. Having trouble finding it on the web but it may very well be out there. It’s made by “Jaqua Girls.”