Ciao indeed!


Thanks to Julie and Tom for this New Year’s Gift. It’s a notepad with a fridge magnet and it was designed by Michael Crampton, a famous illustrator who specializes in retro travel imagery. The notepad was found at a Big Lots discount store in the US. It’s also available for purchase from the stationery company directly for $2.99 but keep in mind they have a $25 minimum order:

Ciao Stationery

You shall covet your neighbor's swag.


As I am still struggling to get through all my scootering magazines, I just saw April’s note in her “Scooter Collector” column in Scoot Quarterly about a wonderful new site that allows people to post photos of their collecting hobby. Type “motorscooter”, “scooter”, “Vespa”, etc. into their search engine to see what others have found. Still no oodles of swag yet, but who knows what will be added?

Are you a bear or a shark?


As ScooterSwag becomes more international (ooh la la!), Phil in the UK wanted to let us know about his Scooter Wear store that also has some swag. (And they carry local fave Corazzo from here in Portland.) But the thing that caught my eye were these bad a** neoprene gloves:

And if you ever happen to be in the UK and want that Quadrophenia experience, Phil also runs “Vroom By The Sea” in Brighton, where they filmed the movie. To my knowledge, it’s one of the few places that even rents scooters in the UK and Brighton is really what us Yanks think of as “English”. I had a blast there myself. Also I think you’d have less chance of getting smooshed than if you tried ride on London’s streets:

Swag From Around The World – Part 4?


News Flash! This Harley Topper Toy was purchased in a Canadian Wal-Mart by Glen B. (Thanks Glen!!) Also he reports that Hello Kitty scooter pajamas are also available there. Curious to learn if the US stores have the same things. But not sure if I’m willing to face the just-before-Christmas onslaught. I hate going into Walmarts when it isn’t the holiday season. But for Hello Kitty, I might just risk it. So this may not technically be a Swag From Around The World Post, but it’s still a kick-ass find. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Harley Topper toy anywhere.

*** NEWS BREAK ***

Alas, I can’t find either the Topper toy or the pjs at the US Walmarts.
Has anyone else had any luck?