Thanks to Dave M for this find. There’s yet another riding gear retailer on the web who specializes in fitting women. This is a great change from just a few years ago when it was hard to find scaled down jackets and gloves. And this adorably named shop also includes scooterists in their market and has this shirt ($30) and pull-over ($58) for sale. Be sure to check out all of their items though as there’s a pretty wide selection and they even have what I like to call “big girl” sizes:

Adidas + Vespa = Happy Marriage?


Thanks to Veronica S. for this heads-up. Vespa is teaming up with Adidas for some co-branded merchandise. Here’s a bit on their thinking from their press release:

“The Adidas Originals Vespa Collection is the result of a deep collaboration – the Adidas Originals designers provide experience and knowledge of sporty streetwear creation, whilst Vespa provides authentic inspiration reflecting pop art, mods culture and Italian dolce vita as a base for the characteristic Adidas Originals Vespa colour stories.”

Alrighty then!

PS: The clothes are available on the site above but the shoes seem to be only available at Adidas stores. There are a lot more color combos and styles than shown here of course.

And now for an old Adidas TV spot that features lots and lots of Vespas in a different kind of co-branding effort. Thanks to 2StrokeBuzz for reminding us of it:

Who stole Jimmy's Parka?


If the Quadrophenia scooter is the ultimate auction of Scooter Swag then the theft of Jimmy’s parka is the biggest crime in Scooter Swag history. Actor Phil Daniels is making a request for it’s return:

Quadrophenia star Daniels in plea for return of stolen parka

Actor issues appeal over iconic coat after theft from car on way to exhibition

QUADROPHENIA star Phil Daniels is appealing for the safe return of the iconic parka coat he wore in the cult film after it was stolen by thieves.
The famous khaki-green jacket, frequently an accessory to theft when worn by Daniels’s roguish character Jimmy in the seminal 1970s movie, was taken in a smash-and-grab raid on a friend’s car on Monday night.
Gospel Oak actor Mr Daniels had only dusted the jacket off that week after 20 years in storage to take it to a film and TV expo at the Birmingham NEC.
Mr Daniels, most recently on our screens in BBC soap EastEnders, contacted the New Journal to offer a cash reward for the coat’s return.
He said: “I just felt a bit silly for leaving it in the back of the car.”
“It was a keepsake from all those years ago. I’m worried that someone’s just thought it was an old coat and slung it over the fence somewhere.”
He added: “If I could get it returned that would be great – if not que sera.”
“It probably doesn’t mean that much to anyone else, but it means a lot to me.”
But fans of the film did not share Mr Daniel’s humble opinion.
Tom Petch, self-proclaimed mod and former chairman of the Lambretta Club of Great Britain, said: “Those thieves wouldn’t know what they’ve got. The thing would be virtually priceless.”
He added: “It’s the equivalent of Lewis Hamilton’s driving overalls to a racing fan.”
Dave Welford, current chairman of the Lambretta Club, agreed.
“If he [Mr Daniels] had put it up for auction the scooter fraternity would have been bidding like mad,” he said.
“Some of them still think they’re in the film.”
“There’s some right nutmegs about – they’d go overboard to own that coat.”
“I don’t think the influence of that film can be underestimated.”
This year is the 30th anniversary of the hit British film, produced by rock band The Who, and Mr Daniels had planned to take the US army fishtail parka – distinguishable by the name “Jimmy” written inside in black marker – down to Brighton for the Quadrophenia reunion in April.

Anyone with any information as to the whereabouts of this very particular Parka is urged to contact Simon Wroe at the Camden New Journal on 020 7419 9000.

(From Camden New Journal)

Here’s hoping Mr. Daniels gets it back. And the thief(s) rot in hell!

New Goopymart Book

Hullaballoo Teaser
As I’ve noted before, our mascot up there in the corner was created by Goopymart, and I’m obligated to plug the guy whenever I get a chance. So I’m happy to pimp his new book, Hullaballoo, the first in an annual series. You can order a copy here, and he has several pages up for preview on Flickr here. I asked him, and this new book doesn’t have any scooters in it, but since he bought a new Vespa S150 recently, I’m sure some will be in Volume 2. There certainly are some in his photostream!

My doppelganger is way skinny.

Tracy Doppelganger.jpg

Was flipping through my Title 9 catalog and found my good twin. Apparently she also spells Tracy the proper way, is a brunette, likes wearing chartreuse and owns a metallic blue VBA. But we do not share that same biceps. Sigh. I won’t even comment on the tongue thing.