Learn zee French.


For ages five and up, each magnetic tile is printed on both sides and sticks both ways, with a French word on one side and and its English translation on the other. And if you’re like anything like me, you’ve forgotten most of your highschool French or mixed it up with your college Spanish anyway. $16.95 at:


Swag your Macs in Shag

Shag Swag.jpg

Shag’s art has been long known to ScooterSwaggers, but this is a really cool way to integrate his scootery-goodness into the stuff you use everyday. Infectious, a San Francisco-based design house that offers scores of original looks. The stickiness lasts for three years, but whenever you’re ready for a change, the decals peel right off, residue-free. Bonus part: The vinyl is coated in high-gloss laminate that protect your Macs from wear and tear. The iPhone decal is $9.99 and the Mac laptop decals (there are different sizes) are $29.00:



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Enhance detail!

Thanks to Jake for this tip (or, rather, thanks to Jake for entering the father-to-be realm so cool gifts like this start rolling in). Sweet “Little Roadster” jumper available from Sears.