A Star Collector!


The latest issue of Scoot! Magazine features fellow Scooter Swagger Ricky Star and just a teeny-eeny-weeny bit of her collection. (I’ve been in her house so I know what I’m talking about!) Check out page 58 in the March/April issue in their section called “Collector Profile.”

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If you’d like to read this at full size, click here. It will take a bit to load:

Scoot Magazine Article

Pick it Up!



Thanks to April W. and Joe B. for this find. The ska band “Go Go 13” has done animated segments for the cartoon “Yo Gabba Gabba”. Called “Pick it Up” it’s a rousing tune encouraging kids to clean their room and features a Lambretta and mod fashion:

Yo Gabba Gabba – “Pick It Up”

The band also has their own merchandise and this t-shirt is featured on their site for $15.99:

Go Go 13 T-Shirt

Betty has a lot of rides!


We’ve featured several Betty Boops on scooters in the past:

Scooter Swag Post – Betty Boop Scooter Figurine

Scooter Swag Post – Betty Boop Scooter Lamp

. . . but here is a whole new flock of them thanks to a tip from Laura B. Be careful though – just like restored vintage scooters, these limited edition Betties are pricey – ranging from £34 – £290 not including shipping. Type “scooter” in the search engine to see them all: