The (No Longer) Stealth Scooter Trash Can!


Thanks to Madeline G. for this find. Apparently beloved Target has a new line of Hello Kitty bath decor called Bonjour Paris. Now before you get too excited, know this: There is only one scooter in the collection and it’s on the back (sigh) of the trashcan. Still, that qualifies for a Swag entry. Purchase seems to be in-store only but here’s a link to the other cute albeit scooter-less items:

It turns out it's Scooter Spiderman Week here at Scooterswag!


Thanks to Tom C. for this great find. Out on newsstands this week. But I still say Mary Jane looks like a slut ; )

THE CHAMELEON returns with a terrifying new mission that has MAYOR J. JONAH JAMESON squarely in his sights! Meanwhile, the ANTI-SPIDER SQUAD narrows its dragnet around the Wall-Crawler, and Peter Parker gets a brand new job…will it bring him closer to the newly-returned MARY JANE, or push her further away? ”

This Week's Rare Bit O'Swag: "League of Honest Coffee Lovers" Ad


Living in Portland like I do, I am as obsessed with coffee as the next person. So I just love the outrageous ad. (It doesn’t hurt that the scooter is my Vespa’s exact color and model.) I have this ad framed in my kitchen and I just love the punchy reds, the thermoses at the ready, and the bright white Lippizaner stallion. The whole campaign features snippets of the Vespa alongside castles, armor, swords, gauntlets, you name it. Obviously it was a huge budget deal and was paid for by the Pan-American Coffee Bureau in 1960. They really wanted people to stop swigging diluted coffee. And I can drink to that.

New ScooterSwag feature: Rare Bits O’ Swag!

Here at ScooterSwag we’ve always tried to post only those items you can actually find if you try hard enough. It seemed cruel and unusual punishment to post some rare eBay find that I probably outbid you on ; ) But Ian M. sent me the photo you see above. And it completely changed my mind on this issue. Why not post one item a week that is really rare, excruciatingly expensive, one of a kind or just impossible to find? I had no idea Marx made a Spiderman Scooter toy. (Circa 1967!) And I certainly wouldn’t have pegged Spidey as a pink Vespa man. Who knew? If you have a rare bit o’swag you’d like us to feature, please send us photos and all the info you have on the item (like where you found it and what year it’s from) to tips (at) and we’ll be sure to post it.

Thanks to Sy over at for the photo.