Faux Limoges Scooter Trinket Box


This is a particularly cute little box. Awhile back I bought up a bunch of these to use as gifts. The seat lifts up to reveal that you have a spare tire and a pink half-shell in case you need them ; ) The only source I’ve found for them is a regular eBay seller. They’re listed as “marybdecorativeart” or you can search with the words “scooter trinket box.” They’re $12, including shipping with the US.

"No hay Swag de Moto en Mexico D.F."


A Postcard from Mexico – X,O, Cassie and Tracy

We were in Mexico City for ten days and although we combed that enormous tchotchke-filled city, we did not find any a single scooter swag item to post about. Except this weird little baby shower toy which isn’t really isn’t much of a scooter. Sigh. We tried, people. Really, we tried. Oh and there were lots of modern scooters on the streets but not a single Vespa new or old. So strange. Still had an excellent time though!

Teach them some gymkhana skills early.


Thanks to ModCulture UK for this find. KiddiMoto makes wooden scooters (and other rides) that are ideal for a child aged 2 to 6 years to help them learn balance. Made in the UK they’re £109.99 and come in the mod themes shown here as well as white, black, seafoam green, red, pink or baby blue. You can even personalize them with your own logo for £8.99.


Doll Never Included.

Baby Born Scooter

Thanks to Scooter Stu for this find. Available only in the UK thus far, this baby doll does not have time to wait for you and your stroller. Her scooter is remote controlled and on sale for £29.99. Her outfit is £19.99 and the doll herself is £12.99.
Speaking of babies and scooters, I once heard of a vintage ad that featured a mom riding a scooter with a side car that was more of a stroller with a baby in it! It sounded unspeakably dangerous and I have been looking for it ever since. Anyone know which ad I might be referring to? I think it would make the perfect shower gift all framed up for the nursery.

Baby Born Scooter

Baby Born Scooter Kit/Outfit

X-Men's Psychedelic Scooter Scene


Thanks to Paul at Sportique Scooters for this great find. It’s yet another Marvel Comic Book cover with a scooter on it! I checked and both were done by different artists so perhaps it’s just coincidence? How did we get so lucky?

Here’s the description from the site:
“UTOPIA TIE-IN Who are the Dark X-Men and how did they come to be? FIND OUT HERE! Each issue has 3 11-page stories, each dedicated to one of the Dark X-Men and how they came to be part of the team. This first two issues focus on Emma Frost, Mimic, Cloak & Dagger, Daken, Weapon X and Dark Beast!”