Scootery Stitch Witchery

Here’s an embroidery pattern for $8.00. Wondering if you need a fancy sewing machine for this or if you can make do with just hand stitching. Couldn’t find any more from the site.

Thanks to Julie G. for this crafty find!


UPDATE: The folks at have confirmed this is for embroidery machines only. I suppose you could trace the design onto something with fabric tracing paper if you were determined.

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: The Ultimate Cat Toy

Glen B. in Ontario, Canada found these at a dollar store chain. Sadly, they don’t seem to be available here in the States at Dollar Tree. Too bad for us! But Glen B. was kind enough to send me three of these bears. I tested one on the cats today and one fled in terror while the other decided a nap was in order. All in all a good result. Thanks Glen!

Another custom figurine

Put the likeness of your favorite couple on a scooter figurine. From
It’s similar to this figurine I posted a while back.

I saw this picture on a poster in the window of an engraving shop in downtown Portland & it was too weird not to post. What is that bear/deer with a football jersey on his head doing? Is that supposed to be Cupid? Or has he come with a magical wrench to change their spark plug? We may never know.