This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: "Swing With Scooter" Comic Books

Somehow I had forgotten all about this sassy Brit and his way with American girls. Not sure that he’s riding a scooter though? Isn’t that a moped? Help me out here people. According to Wikipedia:

“Swing with Scooter was a DC Comics comicbook published from mid 1966 up to the early 1970s.
The protagonist, Scooter, was a British teenage musician. His nickname came from the scooter that he used as a vehicle. The book was an attempt at drawing upon the teenage light drama market that is usually served by Archie comics and similar titles.”

Thanks to Trenton H. for this find!

Crash ’em Smash ’em Action.

I am pretty sure this is a very old game (it’s for Windows systems and is just $3-5 on Amazon) but it’s existence is still pretty exciting. Not being a gamer myself, here are the deets according to Amazon.

“It’s scooter racing to the extreme! Deliver death defying stunts in this crash ’em smash ’em action game! Show off your skills as you tear through crowded streets even using your scooter as weapon if necessary. Choose from a number of different scooters and blaze through a series of hot races as you battle for the right to rule the road! Let’s burn some serious rubber!”

Scooter Rally Game at

Easter Sale! (Sort Of)

My apologies for getting these great finds out after Easter. *cringing shame*
But there is always next year, right? For your post-Easter pleasure we have Snoopy and Woodstock and his weird egg scooter, a preppy scooter riding bunny art print and the Precious Moments bunny-child carefully delivering an egg. Happy (belated) Easter!

(And thanks to Julie G. and Melissa M. for these finds.)

Snoopy Egg Scooter at

Find Argyle Bunny Here

Find Bunny Child Here

This Week's Rare Bit O'Swag: Actor Sam Lee on Scooter

This action figure was released back in 2001-2002 and toy boutique Ninyoushi found one last one in their warehouse. Created by Hong Kong artist, Eric So, it’s a rendition of actor Sam Lee as a vinyl figure. You can pose Sam Lee to stand alone or sit on the scooter as it includes interchangeable legs. Scooter and Sam Lee are both packaged separately in boxes. But come together as a set. They measure approximately 6″ tall. $110.00.

Girls can tell.

From the ultra hip online shop “Girls Can Tell,” Philadelphia artist Sara Selepouchin draws careful but charming diagrams of some of the more fetishized technology like cameras, airplanes and of course two-stroke scooters. Then she carefully screen prints them on a variety of objects. Her scooter design is available on bags, coasters, and even printed on a vintage book page as frameable art.

Thanks to Cassie for these great finds.

NEWS FLASH – Sara got in touch with us and her oven mitt ($14) is no longer out of stock! And it’s available in black and red. See the revised link below: