Sneaky trip into the Adidas Employee Store!

Earlier this week I had fun visiting with my friend Steve on the US Adidas campus in Portland, OR. He’s a sportswear designer and scooterist and just flashed his badge to be ushered into the golden temple of goodness and discounts. He pointed out all the new gear that’s come out from the Adidas-Vespa mash-up which apparently was not just a one season thing – good news for us! (Thanks Steve. That was fun.)

US Adidas Store

Something for your beach bag?

A paperback with a blue small (?) frame on it is always welcome. Only available used. Here’s a description:

Dave and Andy are two classmates from a strict Catholic School in 70s London. Dave is desperate to escape his stifling Irish home life and Andy the cultural trappings of his traditional Polish family. Both dream of opportunities afforded to the strangers on the silver screen. And by chance, they end up working part-time in their local cinema in Notting Hill. They soon discover that being heroes of their own lives and impressing the stars on the ground is a challenge. They embark on a voyage of discovery far more exciting than anything they’ve seen on film. But when the cinema is threatened with closure, they realise that more than their new found freedom is at risk!

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

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