Merry Christmas Scooter Swaggers!

Thought you’d enjoy seeing my Christmas decorations this year. I haven’t put up a tree for several years and was determined to this year. And for the first time I actually did a “scooter only” tree. I was shocked to discover that I have twenty-eight (28!) scooter Christmas ornaments. They include mostly Santas but also a mouse, a snowman, as well as some angels I made from a chocolate mold with Plaster of Paris. Clearly I have an illness.

Merry Christmas everyone!

And no scooter was stirring . . .

Merry Christmas Eve Scooter Swaggers!

On top, here’s a vintage Russian Christmas card just for you. The Russian Santa Claus is called “Ded Moroz” or “Grandfather Frost”. Both sound ominous to me.

The second card features the fairly rare Peugeot scooter as Santa’s transport. Note that a joyful reindeer is also getting a lift.

A stiff upper lip.

The famous World War II poster “Keep Calm and Carry On” was actually never released to the British public. But it’s a popular icon now. Here it is in a redux for scooterists. Available in a variety of colors in a 5″ x 7″ size at $8, an 8 X 10″ size at $10, and a 13″ X 19″ size at $15.95. (Buy 3 and get one free.)

Thanks to the fab blog Mod Culture for this find.

Keep Calm And Carry On Poster History

“Scoot On” Posters

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag: "I See About My Outfit" Paperbacks

We’ve posted about “I See By My Outfit” by Peter Beagle before. It’s about two beatniks who go cross country on Heinkels and it’s a great read. It’s easy to find a reprint but not so easy to find the more vintage paperback copies with the scooters on the cover art. Here are two of the better examples.