Rocking not rolling.

This has to be one of the cutest mini-scooters we’ve featured on Scooterswag. It’s made by “Present Time” and measures 25″ x 9.5″ x 16″ and comes in pink/brown or blue/black. It’s all wood and is priced right at $75. If you get this for a tyke, please send photos of them riding it to us! (tips (at)

Thanks to Cassie for this great find!

Rocking Scooter at

In Honor of the Vegas Build-Off

Not going to the Las Vegas Scooter Rally this year? Neither am I. Low on ducats and my Triumph Tigress is still not running right. So for all of those scooterists who won’t be competing in the “build off” contest I offer this small condolence prize – two scooters that are much cheaper and easier to build than anything they will be showing in Vegas. Sigh. The small scooter puzzle is $1 and the larger scooter is $13.

Mini Scooter Puzzle on

Professor Puzzle – Wooden Construction Kit – Scooter

That “car” bed you had when you were a kid.
Only cooler.

“Mykea” is a site for people who want to customize their ubiquitous Ikea furniture. The site has all kinds of transfers and iron-ons. This design is called “Ciao Bella!” and is for the “Malm” Ikea bed series. The price costs 27 – 55 Euros depending on which size you choose.

PS: Somehow I managed to forget who sent in this tip. (Thanks you whoever you are!)

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