This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Paulig Coffee Scooter Trading Cards

These collectible cards came in coffee packages of the Finnish coffee “Paulig”. I believe they’re from the late 50s. Paulig produced a lot of cards for their coffees and some sets featured cars and others trains. There was definitely a love of transportation themes. Note the rounded European license plates in the corner identifying the countries the scooters are from! We’ve posted about several items that have featured scooter Paulig cards in their design like this stationery line and this journal.

For the Paulig cards themselves, set up some eBay saved searches to catch them as they come up for auction!

Happy Easter ScooterSwaggers!

Here in Portland, Oregon we have a small little club (five active members in total) called the Cute Bunnies and Kitties Scooter Club (CBAKSC). It all started as a joke since whenever we got together we would always talk about our scooters and our cats. Usually more focus was put on the latter. In any case, we always do an Easter Party and this year we’re shocked to learn that this is the sixth Easter we’re celebrating together. Another reason to celebrate? The return of founding member Bianca from the East Coast. (Welcome back Tabby! – Yes, we all have club names. Mine is “Purrrfect.”) Above on the left is ScooterSwag contributor Cassie, in the middle is “Harvey” a roadside attraction in Aloha, Oregon and on the right is Nicole.


iTunes has added quite a few new mod compilations to their offerings and with some albums you get 30 or more songs for $9.99 and some scooter candy for your screen. From clockwise starting at the top left, here are the links for the albums pictured here:

It’s a Mod Mod World at iTunes

She’s a Mod at iTunes

Meet Me at the Scooter Shop at iTunes

Northern Soul/60s Mod at iTunes

Mod-eration at iTunes

Mod, the 60s Collection at iTunes

Perfect as a scooter restoration diary?

This journal is designed by collage artist Clare Goddard and features an old Lambretta (on a Paulig coffee trading card) as well as vintage train tickets, road maps, postmarks from faraway lands, and other travel ephemera. Inside is lined pages for writing, plus a stash of graph paper for drawing up top-secret plans. Its size is 5.25 x 7.25″. And it’s on sale now for $14.00 and it looks like it’s just $2 on all orders in the States. For more Paulig coffee trading card goodness, visit this recent post .

So not plastic.

Plasticland always has the cutest things. In fact, I call them “deadly” because visiting their site is a dangerous proposition for someone trying to save their money for “important” things like say, paying off school loans or saving for retirement. Still, this chrome and ceramic scooter IS a bank which should help you save some money. (Even if it’s for a Series 3 and not a 401K.) Measures 8.5″d x 4.5″t x 4″w and costs $24. If they run out, don’t worry. They restock pretty regularly and you can add it to your “wish list” at their online store.

Barbie better check herself.

It looks like Barbie may have some competition in the “cute doll on a scooter” category. It looks like there are two slightly different styles available. I posted both here. I think the top one is the cutest and looks more mod Vespa GL to me. Prices range from $14 to $32.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!

Liv Doll in first picture on

“Sophie” Schools Out Exclusive Set on

We want to see your Rare Scooter Swag!

I’m actually running out of posts for the weekly “Rare Bit O’Swag” feature. So if you’ve been holdin’ back on me, now’s the time to let us take a peek in your display case. It doesn’t have to be expensive or perfect – just scootery.
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Start saving now for Santa.

This Santa is very pricey at $56 (on sale! regular price $70.00!!!) but if you have to have a Lambretta-ish Santa ornament, you have to have a Lambretta-ish Santa ornament. We won’t judge you here at ScooterSwag.

Thanks to Cassie for this find!

ALERT It looks like this is gone from the Cozy Pineapple site. The direct link I put in the link above no longer goes to any specific page. Darn … so if anyone finds it on another site, please let us know!

“Vroom By The Sea”

Not sure how we missed this, but Peter Moore came out with a second book in 2009 after his “Vroom With A View” book in 2005. This time he’s travels through Southern Italy on a slightly newer Vespa — an orange Rally 200. It’s available as a paperback and on the Kindle reader.

Here’s an excerpt:

“For one thing the map in my guidebook hadn’t indicated that most of the streets in Palermo were one way. In the case of my chosen route, heading in the wrong direction. Nor did it indicate that on Saturdays all the lanes around the hotel were closed and filled with stalls of the weekly Balerò market. When I finally got within a block of the Cortese my way was blocked by hundreds of stalls, tightly packed together under a sea of tatty canvas umbrellas, selling plastic colanders, big pants and the occasional slab of freshly caught tuna.
In most places the lanes I had planned to ride along had shrunk to a tiny pathway so narrow that people had to shuffle sideways to get through. Occasionally the produce from a particular stall overflowed onto that pathway and people were forced to jump over a pile of artichokes or melons. I was only a couple of hundred metres from the hotel so I decided to chain Marcello to a pole, lug my bag the rest of the way and retrieve him at the end of the day when the market had closed.
Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a guy on a scooter ride into the mass of stalls and negotiate his way through the scrum of people. I expected him to be abused, maybe even set upon, but people stepped aside and let him through. The owners of the stalls that overflowed onto the path even shifted their produce momentarily so he could pass. I thought the rider must have been a one-off – a market official, perhaps, collecting stall fees. But over the next few minutes at least half a dozen other scooter riders plunged into the chaotic scrum of market stalls. So I decided to give it a go myself.
That’s the beauty of a Vespa. It’s not much wider than a person and not nearly as tall. In theory, any-where a human can go a Vespa can too.”

Oh I can almost feel the sun on my face. Summer, where the heck are you?

“Vroom By the Sea” at