Hello Kitty is not Japanese.

She’s English! Born in London in 1974 according to Sanrio. Hence the often seen scooter. (Not to mention mod fashion sense.) So here’s some more Hello Kitty Scooter goodness available over in Europe. A children’s bedding set for 66,00 Euros. It’s made in Italy by “Gabel.” Shipping to the US may be possible for you hard core HK fanatics?

Hello Kitty Bedding Set

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Rare Tin Scooter Toys

Oh what fun it is to go to the auction sites and torture yourself by looking at the tin scooter toys. Featured here is a Japanese Fuji Rabbit, a Bandai Vespa, A Bandai Silver Pidgeon, and a what the $%&!? from Spain. We’ve featured other rare scooter toys in the past like
this Japanese Fuji Rabbit one .

Thanks to Julie G. for these finds.


Christmas in July!

Who doesn’t want a Scooter Santa tie? (Pshaw. I don’t believe you.) The top tie is one of three different designs at the Zazzle.com site. Type in “Scooter Santa Tie” in their search to see everything. Buyer beware: Zazzle is a crafters site like Etsy so quality is all over the board. And the other tie? It occasionally shows up on eBay so it is a bit more of the “rare ol’ swag.”

The bottom tie is made by “Noel” and is named “Santa Moped.”

Thanks to Julie G. for these finds!

White Tie

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Motor Scooter Samantha Doll

Portland Scooterist Noah E. found this doll for me at a Eugene, Oregon scooter rally while junkin’. (Thanks Noah!) And I decided to make her an honorary member of the Cute Bunnies and Kitties Scooter Club — hence the bunny ears. I think these came out about a year before I started this blog. So maybe six years ago? Her remote control which is missing is a miniature matching scooter if you can believe it. And she also came with a shiny black leather jacket and helmet. Another thing of note: Samantha is tall! 13.5″ while seated on the scooter. These are pretty hard to find complete nowadays but you can always do an eBay “Saved Search.”

A little vroom vroom for the bedroom.

This sophisticated bedroom set is actually a fine white line drawing by designer Noel Ashby who covers 100% organic, 300-thread count cotton with “mod urban symbolism.” It’s “hand colored with 100% organic inks and dyes in handpicked spots with random hits of orange, greens, and mustard yellow.” The “Tangle” set prices range from $34.95 – $119.00 at CB2 (Crate & Barrel 2):


Carters “Transportation” PJs on Sale

The copy for these pjs cracks me up:
“For child’s safety cotton pj’s should always fit snugly. He’s on the go in these car and motorcycle print pj’s with built-in footies to keep him warm on cold nights.”

Because nothing says “safety” like scooters!!

The top two photos show the “transportation” PJs which are on sale for just $7.99. The others pictured I’ve seen in stores and on eBay. Some designer at Carters clearly likes scooters. Lucky us.


Tis the season for rallies and weddings.

All sweetness and light, this pair are sitting pretty atop their wedding scooter. They measure 5″ tall, 4.5″ wide, and 2″ deep and are made out of paintable resin if you want to customize hair color, scooter color, etc. They’re £21 and available from a regular eBay seller.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!