That French “je ne sais quoi”

Here are some gorgeous men’s Vespa print shirts. They’re 100% fitted cotton. And they’re tailored within an inch of their lives with lots of wonderful details. How do I know? Full disclosure: they very kindly sent me one. They do ship internationally and prices vary from 49,00 Euro to 89,00 Euro. (hint: search for “Vespa”)

Just a Brit different.

Boden is a London-based clothing company for women, men and kids and their gorgeous goods are available in the US, the UK and Germany. Their pre-fall catalog features some scooter-centric cuteness for the kids. The “icon” scooter shirt is $26 and is a 4 layer appliqué. It comes in sizes 1 1/2 years to 14 years. The romper/onesie (featuring a white Vespa) comes in a twin pack with a striped print and is $38. It’s available in sizes 0-3 mos to 18-24 mos. And the long johns featuring the same print come in a twin pack for $48 in sizes 1 1/2 years to 14 years.

Thanks to Becky M. for this find!

Icon Scooter T-Shirt at Boden

Twin Pack of Rompers at Boden

Twin Pack of Long Johns at Boden

Bumpstart needed.

Or at least a pull start? Spotted this beautiful wooden pull toy in a rather tony toy shop. It’s called “Chabada the Cat” and it’s made by French company Djeco. It’s designed by Marc Boutavant, a children’s book illustrator. The mouse bounces along on the scooter as the wheels spin. The toy comes in a gift box and is listed at $19.99.

“The Box Man” by Imiri Sakabashira

From Amazon:

“Enter the strange world of Imiri Sakabashira whose denizens are zoomorphic creatures that emerge from one another as well as their equally bizarre environs. The Box Man follows its protagonists along a scooter trip through a complex landscape that oscillates between a dense city, a countryside simplified to near abstraction, and hybrids of the two; the theme of hybridity permeates throughout. One is unsurprised to encounter a creature that is half elderly man, half crab or a flying frog in this world where our guide apparent is an anthropomorphic, mollusk-like cat. Sakabashira weaves this absurdist tale in a seamless tapestry constructed of elements as seemingly disparate as Japanese folklore, pop culture, and surrealism. Within these panels, it becomes difficult to distinguish between the animate and the inanimate, the real and the imagined, a tension that adds a layer of complexity to this near-wordless psychedelic travelogue.”

The mystery for me is whether the protagonist’s scooter changes back and forth from a Vespa Fenderlight into a Fuji Rabbit? Alas my local library does not carry this tome so it will have to remain a mystery. What beautiful art work though.

The Box Man

Tully’s Coffee Vespa Gift Card

I live in Portland, Oregon but was recently up in Seattle when I spotted this. Yes, they’re probably riding the coattails of Starbucks’ Italian Roast but who cares? It’s still a neat looking card. Alas, Tully’s is only located in Seattle. But hey, isn’t that the Brooklyn Bridge behind the riders? Why not the Space Needle??

Making time.

It’s rare for us to post things from Etsy but this clock is so unusual we just had to. The crafter cuts out the clock from an unplayable record with her laser machine . . . in her Alpine, Texas kitchen! The quartz movements are made in the US too. Want a different record? Ask her if custom orders are possible.

$25 + $10 for shipping in the US.

Thanks to David S. in Japan for this find!

LP scooter clock at

Please take a bow.

What is going on with kids’ clothing this year? Are they purposely trying to drive us adult scooter fans nuts? I want to wear some of these shirts for Pete’s sake! For the squeee factor I present a Baby Gap shirt for $19.95 that comes in sizes for 12 mos to 5 years. It’s off-white and 100% cotton. It looks incredibly similar to a design that Baby Gap did awhile back featured here. But there’s nothing wrong with recycling.

Thanks to brand new contributor Louisa L. for the photo and the find!