Not Canadian? That’s unfortunate.

Scooter Vespa Cup Gift Sets Paris NYC London Benix Canada

Only those lucky Canadians with Bendix stores nearby can shop for these ceramic cup gift sets. Each has a world city theme with Rome, London, Paris and New York featured. There are also tea bag holders in this collection. To see everything, type “Divas” into the search window.

Thanks to Vanessa for this find!

Marks & Spencer for Everyone!

Marks Spencer Cotton PJs Scooter Vespa Red

Right now the esteemed UK-based institution that is Marks & Spencer is doing an international shipping promotion by making shipping to the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand free for a limited time.

With that in mind you might consider this two-pack of mod scooter cotton pjs for ages 18 mos to 8 years. The price ranges from £9.00 to £13.00. One set has a scooter print and the other is a white shirt with striped bottoms for mixing and matching.

Thanks to Alice D. for this find!

Your (Not) Riding Gear.

Scooter Vespa PJs Footed Pajamas

I’ll be honest. I’m afraid of these footed pajamas. I’m afraid that my friends will stop going out. That they will stay home in their completely cuddly scooter pjs and they will think “Screw it. I’ll ride when it’s warmer. I’m comfy.” I’m also afraid that I will be start seeing people wear these during scooter rallies. For all three days of a scooter rally. ((Shudder.)) Oh Gawd. I just gave you all the idea, didn’t I?

Well, if you positively must have them, then here’s ya go. They’re available online for $39.95. They’re polar fleece and they come in a variety of unisex sizes. And yes they come with the drop seat butt-flap ((cringing)) and the grippy foot bottoms. You also get a full body zipper ((writhing in fetal position now)) and two “kangaroo” pockets. Hurry. Rally season is just around the corner. And winter isn’t done with us yet no matter what that groundhog said.

Thanks to Polianarchy for this great find? ; )

DIY Scooter Rocking Horse

DIY Scooter Rocking Horse Vespa Lambretta Plans

Needed: One jigsaw. One drill. One 1×10 @ piece of wood at 8 feet long and one 1/2″ dowel rod at 7″ long. And some time. But you too can make this baby sized scooter rocker. The plans and the patterns are all free and were created by Brooke at Killer B Designs.

Thanks to new mommy Sailor Sara for this find!

Carnaby Street Ravensburger Puzzles

Ravensburger Puzzle Carnaby Street Scooter Vespa Lambretta

Ravensburger has released these two puzzles of modettes taking over Carnaby Street. One features what looks to be a Lambretta looking for parking. To see other scooter related Ravensburger puzzles we’ve featured click here.

Here’s the description from Amazon:

“Two wonderfully bright and colourful 500-piece puzzles in one box. Both scenes are painted by popular artist Trevor Mitchell, who specializes in nostalgic scenes. The scenes capture all the fun, excitement and colour of Carnaby Street, London in the swinging 1960s. One scene shows an interior of a boutique with customers browsing all the clothes on the rails, and includes wonderful details on the fabrics, shoes and handbags. The other scene shows an exterior scene and is based on photographs taken at the time. In the 1960s you could drive down Carnaby Street, and the buildings were bristling with bright colours and signs and the street was crowded with dedicated followers of fashion. Ravensburger adult puzzles are made using “Softclick Premium Puzzle” technology. This uses thicker and stronger board (manufactured especially for Ravensburger), and hand-crafted cutting tools resulting in strong, smooth and dust-free pieces with a superb fit.”

Ravensburger Carnaby Street 500 Piece Puzzles