Dead Ahead iPhone/iPad game

Dead Ahead Video Game Vespa Scooter iPhone iPad

I’m not a gamer so I am useless as to whether this is a cool Apple app or not. But it’s FREE so why not give it a try?

And in the meantime I will give you this hilarious review from :

“Colour me excited … Dead Ahead isn’t even a runner, as it gives you increasingly awesome transportation methods and releases you in one of the zombie-infested areas of a city, with a clear direction to move to the right, destroying as many empty shells of human beings on your way, as possible – it’s not hugely different from driving in my suburbs, really … The controls are really simple: just slide your finger upwards and downwards on the right side of the screen and your hero will drive accordingly, evading obstacles and hitting zombies – if you’re fast enough, of course. This would already be an awesome idea, but to add fuel to the fire, you are also constantly being chased by zombies that are so eager to munch on your insides that they get completely oblivious to their surroundings, just like rabid kittens.”

Ooh that last picture is scary. So glad I don’t have to outrun that hoard on my 3 speed VBA.

This app will work on iPhone 3GS to iPhone 5, 3rd to 5th Gen iPod Touch and on iPads. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Here’s a link to download the app for the iPhone.

Thanks to Louisa L. for this find!

A Rare Bit O’Swag:
Mad Marv Nemesis Now Figurine

Scooter Vespa Figurine

Couldn’t find out anything about the artist or whether this figurine is based on a comic book character. Anybody out there know? E-Mail us at tips (at)

The figurine number is NEM9952. It has a lot of detail as it’s hand painted. Measuring approximately 20cm long x 16.5cm tall X 10.5cm wide the figurine also comes in its own presentation box.

How to have a magnetic personality.


This is one dangerous site. has way too much scooter stuff all packed into it with reasonable prices. You can order tin signs as well as magnets for both Lambretta and Vespa. Prices range from $3.99 to $19.99. To see all their scooter stuff, click here.

Thanks to Daniel S. for this find!

Helps! I am out of swag to post!!


Normally I have posts ready to run for at least two weeks out. But I have run out of swag to post about. This has only happened maybe three times since I started the blog in late 2005. Yipes! (I’m scared. Hold me.)

So anybody out there know of swag that hasn’t appeared here yet? Maybe you’ve got a great collection to show off? Or an incredible art or crafts project that needs some face time? Or some rare swag that you snapped while on a vacation? Or a souvenir you picked up when you were in another country?

Now is the time to send me your tips!

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More scooter posh from Jonathan Adler.

Jonathan Adler Scooter Vespa Pink Eyeglass Sunglass Case Silk Ties

Here’s a $42.00 sunglass or eyeglass case from the always stylish (and expensive) Jonathan Adler who obviously has a fondness for scooters. (Good on him!) It’s handmade needlepoint on wool on one side and velvet and the Adler monogram on the back. It’s padded inside and measures 3.5″ X 7″. The ties are silk/cotton and $95.00 each. To see other Adler swag we’ve posted click here .

To see the eyeglass case and the ties, click here.

“Ah to be in England now that Spring is here.”

London Traffic Peter Donnelly Scooter Vespa Prints iphone cases

This charming traffic scene makes me want to hop on a plane right now and smell all the lovely exhaust. The illustrator is Peter Donnelly and this artwork can be purchased as an unframed or framed art print or on a stretched canvas in assorted sizes. You can also buy it on greeting cards or as iPhone/iPod cases or skins. Prices range from $12.00 for a set of 3 cards to $150.00 for a 24″ x 35″ stretched canvas.

Thanks to the great site for this find.

Buy Peter Donnelly’s London Traffic print at Society 6.

Moto your Fro-yo.

Fro-yo Moto Menchie's Frozen Yogurt Scooter Vespa Insulated Bag

Despite the fact that I have been surrounded by Menchie’s frozen yogurt shops everywhere I have lived, I’ve never actually seen one. So if you’re not as oblivious as I am, visit one of their stores to pick up a “Moto Fro-Yo” insulated bag with their mascot riding a pink scooter. It runs around $9.99. I’m also including some other scooter imagery from a quick web search.

To find a Menchie’s near you (and they’re very international) click here .

Thanks to Heather M. for this find!