Scooter Ornament Week:
Blue Fenderlight Vespa

Here’s a gorgeously detailed ornament at a low price of £4.99. Or if you’re in the States and near a Cost Plus World Market, you can get two for $12 and in three different colors. I am not sure if these are the same as the top photo which looks better painted but I haven’t been to Cost Plus to inspect for myself. Still, SCOOTER ORNAMENTS!

Thanks to Aleks H. for the Cost Plus Find and photo!

Cost Plus World Market Store Locator

2 thoughts on “Scooter Ornament Week:
Blue Fenderlight Vespa

  1. I bought so many of these for my scooter pals that my end table looks like the Pontera factory! Aleks must have missed the London scooter themed glassware that Cost Plus has right now too…. I scooped those up too!

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