Safety first!

Remember when I asked about the baby carriage-scooter-sidecar combination I swore I had seen? Well as you can see, it DID exist. As a crazy promotion for Lambretta back in the 50s.

A safer bet may be the Vespa-ish “Roddler” Hot Rod Baby Carriage at just $2000:

It features “two rear and one front chrome wheels with fin-shaped fenders and white wall tires, color-matching brakes, wheel bullets, chassis, seat, and top, stainless steel hardware, chrome grips, an ultrasuede seat insert for comfort and carbon vinyl leatherette for the seat and top for added durability.” Or you can order one with a “Trike Kit” at $2,500 and transform the stroller into a trike when your kid is ready to take the wheel.

Thanks to Doughnut for this find!

(Be sure to see a similarly crazy Vespa promotion that South Africa is doing in a recent ScooterSwag post.)

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