Starbucks billboard


Thanks to Scooter Chronicles André for spotting this one around W Burnside & 21st in Portland. It’s one of Starbucks’ cute, winter-themed billboards. If I remember the other half correctly, the scooter guy is receiving a gift of nog from folks in a yellow minicar.
I checked the Starbucks website but didn’t find anything else with this graphic – they should do a series of postcards or something.

2 thoughts on “Starbucks billboard

  1. oooh, speaking of advertisements.. my family got in the new Gap catalog and it has a Vespa with pretty stripes (to match their stripe scarves and hats and things)

  2. Cool – about the new Gap catalog – please send us photos!

    About the Starbucks billboard – I think it’s particularly sneaky how the vehicle looks a bit like a motorcycle and a scooter. When I first saw it I thought it was a motorcycle.


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