Your Grandma is a Horr!


(From Scoot! Magazine / December 2007)
Grandma Horr’s Cookies is in Sedona, Arizona and feature said grandmother on a scooter in their logo. From their website:

“The logo that we use is taken from an actual photo when Grandma was up at the lake and she was gardening. We asked her to pose on the scooter and we gave her a helmet. What you can’t see and is so endearing are the cut off jeans, nylons, rolled to her ankles and black orthopedic shoes. What a picture.”

Not sure if they’re t-shirts (on the cookie order page) has the scooter logo on it but perhaps the cookies will be enough. : )

One thought on “Your Grandma is a Horr!

  1. It says they have t-shirts when you click on cookies… but it doesn’t show a pic (I assume it’s the logo)

    I totally want one if that’s the case 😀

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