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Lladro is a Spanish maker of fine art figurines – think Dresden but with more modern references. These are very expensive figurines – I’ve seen the girl for upwards of $1200 while the boy figurine seems to hover around $800. Thanks to Rickie in Indy for letting me know about these. I’ve seen the boy with the dogs in her very own living room!

The numbers on these are 5794 – “Precious Cargo” (boy with dogs in sidecar) and 5143 – “Scooting” (girl with flowers):

“Precious Cargo”


Scooter Stu in the UK gave me a heads-up on yet another figurine. It’s called “Floral Getaway” which is a companion piece to “Precious Cargo” (the boy with puppies in his sidecar):


Stu also believes that there was a version of “Scooting” (older girl with flowers in a basket) made without the girl and sold at one of the early 90s Eurovespa rallies.

This page shows all of the 3 official figurines and Stu says that “Scooting” is the hardest one to get a hold of:


8 thoughts on “Lladro Scooter Figurines

  1. The figures have names too

    The one with the puppies is called Precious Cargo, the one with the flowers is Floral Getaway and the country girl on the Motovespa GS is just called Scooting

  2. I thought there were just two Lladro scootering figurines? Can you send me a link to the one called “Scooting”? I can’t find it – only the other two.


  3. Hi Tracy

    Your post shows 2 figurines

    Precious Cargo, the boy with the puppies on the P range with side car


    Scooting, the country girl on the Motovespa GS

    You are missing two other Lladro pieces

    Floral getway is the companion to Precious Cargo and has a girl on a P range with a side car full of flowers

    There was also, I believe, a version of Scooting made without the girl and sold at one of the early 90s Eurovespa rallies

    This page shows the 3 official pieces, all of these figures are now discounted, Scooting is really hard to get a hold of.


  4. Now that I know there are 2 more pieces I’ll to start saving my money for them.Tracey,you’re going to get me in big trouble with Gene.

  5. hi there i have got all three of these items i got the last piece last november which is scooting but unfortunately got damaged on the way home so i am wondering if any one can help me out to either repair it or give me a replacement value
    cheers sue

  6. I have several pieces of Lladro but my X threw away the boxes so I don’t know the actual names other than my nativity pieces. Can anyone help me with my search?

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