Scooter Lamp from Pottery Barn Kids

Pink Scooter Lamp 1Pink Scooter Lamp 1Pink Scooter Lamp 1Pink Scooter Lamp 1
This one doesn’t seem to be available from Pottery Barn Kids anymore but it’s so danged cute, that I’m putting it up anyway. I don’t usually miss stuff like this but it went well past my radar. If you’re willing to eBay it, there are still some around and who knows about Pottery Barn outlet stores? Not sure if they came in other colors. Pink is all I could find. This seems to be more of a nightlight but it has 6 working lights, 3 in front and 3 at back. Measures 13″ long x 9″ high. Crafted of heavy weight metal and finished with enamel paint. Thanks to Steve Guzzman (Mr.

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