The Pet Shop Boys Girls.

Available for $20, this new toy is part of the very popular “Littlest Pet Shop” line. And because the copy is so hilarious, I feature it here:

“A fun and fashionable girl like your BLYTHE figure has lots of places to go – so this cute Littlest Pet Shop Blythe Loves Littlest Pet Shop – Scooter is the perfect choice! Put her adorable Corgi dog on the scooter with her and send your BLYTHE figure zipping and zooming off to her next destination. Will she and her pet stop by a “boutique” or a little “shopping”? Or maybe a “cafe” for a “snack”? The possibilities are practically endless with a speedy scooter vehicle like this!
And all this time I thought I was a good kitty mama. Never once have I offered them a choice between “snack” or “shopping”. ; )

Thanks to Babette (and her two helpful Pet Shop lovin’ daughters!) for this find.