A Rare Bit O’Swag: Scooter Santa Candy Mold

This mold appeared on eBay and eventually went for something well over $100. It was a vintage German chocolate mold make by Anton Reiche. Every so often you can find a scooter related mold like this on eBay. Just be prepared to shell out a lot of dough. They tend to go for at least $200. In fact I used to collect these when they were under $50. That was just six or seven years ago! Many are reproductions from vintage European molds and some are original molds. They work great to make chocolates of course but I’ve also used them to make soap molds, Plaster of Paris figurines, Christmas ornaments, etc. You can even make candles if you’re so inclined. Here’s a tip: office binder clips are essential to hold the two halves together as they very seldom come with their original clips. And of course they are also just wonderful to display in the kitchen.

How much rp (reindeer power) does it have?

Rococo Chocolates is a London chocolatier. They’ve labeled this a “Lambretta” but it’s a bit too generic odd scoot to identify. In any case, Santa’s clearly ditched his trusty sleigh. Still those reindeer are so high maintenance (drama, drama, drama) he may be better off. It’s hand painted dark chocolate (gorgeous!) and costs £25.00. And impressive stocking stuffer indeed! And in my humble opinion, far too pretty to eat.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find.


Chocolate + Scooters. Finally.

I’ve tried using my German molds to make chocolate scooters but tears of frustration and a huge mess were the only result. These little chocolate Vespas are soo much better:

“Named after the Umbrian hill town where the company started – Perugia – Perugina are renowned for making some of Italy’s most exceptional chocolates It was in 1927 that the young heir to Perugina, Giovanni Buitoni and confectioner Luisa Spagnoli had the idea for Perugina’s most famous creation, Baci or ‘kisses’ in Italian.”

This limited edition collectors gift set is £19.99.

Thanks to Cassie for this great find.