Dead Enders

Dead Enders: Stealing the Sun
This book is the compilation of the Dead Enders series which is terrific. It’s just fun to look at a post-apocalyptic scooter scene. Here’s the description from Amazon:
“Twenty years after “the cataclysm”, New Bedlam is a bleak metroplis divided by the authorities into fenced-off sectors dilineated by wealth and class, all policed by stormtrooper-type policemen. In the outer sectors, a post-cataclysm nuclear winter type phenomenon means 24 hour darkness, while in the wealthy areas, weather machines can generate sunlight and temperate climates. The story takes place mostly in an outer sector where a group of teenagers styled on the mod subculture run around on scooters and deal in amphetamines. One of these mods seems have visions of the past, and the authoroties are trying to find him in order to study him for some unxplained reason. In the meantime, he’s trying to steal a weather generator to fulfill a friend’s dying wish. Although the story is somewhat disjointed and has a number of grey areas, it’s visually compelling, with a nice palate and good action art. The use of basic mod style touchstones, such as parkas, scooters, and arrows.”

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