No red noses but red smiles.

OMG am I excited about this find! Finally! A scooter yard inflatable! Even better – a scooter yard inflatable with SOCK MONKEYS! And a sidecar! That lights up! Wish I had found this a little earlier in the season. But it’s definitely not too late for the 2012 season. And it’s on sale. I have seen this offered for everything from $80 to $228 on the web but $85 seems to be the going rate.

Here are the details. Dimensions: 2.99″ H x 62.2″ W x 47.24″ D, lights up, weather resistant and includes everything needed for set-up.

These inflatables are more than a little reminiscent of scooter riding sock monkey’s Rocko & Spanky. To read more about them and other sock monkeys, visit our past posts here .


Tis the season for rallies and weddings.

All sweetness and light, this pair are sitting pretty atop their wedding scooter. They measure 5″ tall, 4.5″ wide, and 2″ deep and are made out of paintable resin if you want to customize hair color, scooter color, etc. They’re £21 and available from a regular eBay seller.

Thanks to Julie G. for this find!