Eating up Italy: Voyages from a Vespa

Eating Up Italy

A book with a Vespa AND food. The mind reels. But here’s another’s review:
“If you seek to understand the minute subtleties and regional differences of Italian food, this is a wonderful, lovingly written book. But if your head is turned by the subtitle, “Voyages on a Vespa,” save your money. You will be disppointed that the two Vespas he uses for months and thousands of miles barely get mentioned. There is one small, generic photo of a scooter at the beginning of the book, and one of an odometer towards the end. When he returns the rental scooter at the end of his journey, he sums it up by saying, “It was a brisk, unsentimental parting.” As a Vespa enthusiast, that will also sum up how I react to my parting with this book.”

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