And now a word from our sponsor. Woven Scooter Rally Patches (in the bright orange banner under our own banner) has introduced a new kind of patch for this scooter rally season. Now you can choose from embroidered or woven patches. What’s the difference? Embroidered patches are sewn of course. And it’s the thread gives the images on patches a nice 3D quality. But you are limited to how small you can make lettering and other details.

Woven patches are flat and are made on an electronic loom so a much finer thread can be used which lets you do much smaller details like 1/8″ tall lettering or even smaller. Take a look at the samples above. Then think of the brand and size labels in your clothing. Now you’ve got the idea.

Jeff Bass, owner of, describes it this way: “Embroidery is analog and woven is digital.”

Be sure to peruse their site to see more examples, see the other goodies they can make and get a special ScooterSwag offer .

This Week’s Rare Bit O’Swag:
Portland Spring Scoot Rally Patch

The pros and cons of the (typically) American embroidered rally patch vs. the UK “Paddy Smith” silk screened fabric patch could prolly be discussed endlessly but I had to include one of the best patches I’ve seen in years here in this blog. Twist n Play Scooter Club here in Portland really outdid themselves with this one. Why the Lolita them? Because it was their 17th rally so the theme was “almost legal.” (Wink wink!)