Don’t forget about Etsy!

Etsy Scooter Vespa Lambretta Crafts Collectibles

I’d be the first to admit I’ve made fun of the craft site Etsy and loved calling it “Regretsy.” But I gotta give them credit. There is a lot of great stuff on there and it keeps getting better. I’ve even ordered from them. So type in “scooter” or “Vespa” or “Lambretta” and see what comes up for you.

For example for you knitters there’s this downloadable scooter sweater pattern for just $2:

Knitting Sweater Pattern Vespa Lambretta Scooter

Making time.

It’s rare for us to post things from Etsy but this clock is so unusual we just had to. The crafter cuts out the clock from an unplayable record with her laser machine . . . in her Alpine, Texas kitchen! The quartz movements are made in the US too. Want a different record? Ask her if custom orders are possible.

$25 + $10 for shipping in the US.

Thanks to David S. in Japan for this find!

LP scooter clock at

Crafting Sites – A good source for Scooterista Christmas presents?


We’ve been a bit hesitant to put up swag from craft sites like and because sometimes the quality isn’t the best. Especially when it comes to printed stuff like t-shirts, stickers, etc. But we thought we’d let you be the judge.
Another site that’s been recently recommended to us is Above are some of the cuter offerings we’ve come across. From top to bottom – the t-shirt if from Zazzle, the glass bead is from Etsy and the sock monkey shirt is from CafePress. So just visit these sites, type in “scooter” and see if anything rocks your Santa socks.