Gnome place like gnome for the holidays.

Sorry for the bad pun but it couldn’t be contained. We featured Gnome Masters work here this past summer and now he has released a Santa gnome for the holiday season. The price is $40 for an outdoors painted gnome and $45 for an indoors version. He measures 11″ tall and weighs in at 13 lbs and his scooter is painted a metallic glitter red with gold trim.

Are you a gnomad?

Denver, Colorado artist Mike Higgs was inspired by his daughter’s 1978 Vespa Primavera to sculpt this handsome fellow. He even matched the scooter’s tire tread! “Georgio” the gnome is available riding a red, black, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, or orange scooter. Made out of Portland cement, he’s sure to bring years of smiles and you have options on paint type too. For an outdoors gnome it’s $30. For an indoor paint job, it’s $35 or you can get Georgio in bisque, unpainted ready for your own paint job or maybe to look like a classic museum statue? Georgio measures 11.5″ tall and weighs 14 lbs so it costs just $15 to ship in the States and an estimated $60 USD to ship to the UK in 6-10 days. (Please contact Mike via his website for more specific information on overseas shipping.)

Are you disappointed Georgio isn’t on a Lambretta or Rukus? Well Mike is working on other gnome scooterists so sign up for his newsletter on his site and you’ll be the first to know when he’s created a new model. And check out Georgio’s girlfriend Georgette! I had no idea there was such a thing as female gnomes (or for that matter, roller derby gnomes) until this site!

First Tiki Scooter Mugs and now scooterist gnomes . . . It’s been a good summer here at ScooterSwag!